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Sports Membership Incentive Scheme

Strathclyde Sport and The Sports Union have reinvested £7,435 back into the University’s student sport clubs following the success of a collaborative membership incentive scheme.


In an attempt to encourage more of the student population to engage with sport and active health on campus, Sports clubs were promised £5 for every club member that also joined the Strathclyde Sport facility.


With 50 diverse clubs offering a range of opportunities for students to take part in sport both competitively and socially, the pilot scheme has seen the Sports Union boast its biggest ever membership numbers and the mutual membership rate grow from 49% to 58%.


Clubs are free to spend their new revenue on whatever they please; equipment, coaching, travel etc, and with the effect of the cost of living crisis on the student population the incentive scheme has been warmly received. 


Ronan Welch, Sports Union President said: “This joint incentive is a fantastic example of the great working relationship we have with Strathclyde Sport and how that how that collaboration directly benefits student sport to develop and thrive here at the University of Strathclyde”


“This initiative has been so successful that it opens up doors to future conversations regarding collaborations on memberships between the two organisations, minimising complexity for students and overall contributing to a better experience for all students engaging with sport and active health at the University.”


Neil Brown, Director of Sport and Active Health at University of Strathclyde said: “Our goal is to make activity, sport and exercise accessible to everybody on campus and it’s fantastic that this initiative has allowed us to reach a wider audience.


“It is the latest in a long line of successful collaborations with the Sports Union and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can further invest in student sport and continue to improve the student experience within our facilities.”


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