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Meet the Committee 22/23

We have held our first ever GM and elected our brand new committee members. This marks the start of the Engineers With Beers professionally, have a read and get to know us.

Ross Cooper - President

A budding engineer, events operative and medic. He’s leading the society from the front and has ambitious plans for Engineers with Beers.

Drink of Choice: Kraken Rum & Coke

Ben Dryden - Treasurer

He’s planning to organise some more interesting events out of a university environment to bring the society together and make inter-discipline friendships.

Drink of Choice: Diet Coke (Ben is often the sober one or our designated driver)


Rhianna Boyle - Media and Affairs Secretary

Rhianna has taken over the role of running our Media & Affairs. She is an avid singer and and loves to socialise, has known Lennon since he was a wee lad!

Drink of Choice: Whiskey & Orange Juice

Ellie Cunningham - Vice President

Ellie takes the lead on member well-being and alcohol awareness. She has never tried beer, however we are sure this will change soon!

Drink of Choice: Gin & Lemonade

Lennon Day - Secretary

Spanner Jockey! Lennon enjoys both fixing and breaking things rather than classroom work. He loves a good chance to socialise.

Drink of Choice: Guinness

Thomas Wood - Events Coordinator

Tom spends the majority of his time fixing his planes or learning to understand the unique ‘glaswegian’ dialect. He often explain how Alcohol is much cheaper south of the border!

Drink of Choice: Gin & Tonic / Newcastle Brown Ale / Anything that contains Alcohol


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