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Climate Fresk Climate Education Kick-Off

Join the biggest CEKO event in the UK!

Group of people playing Climate Fresk card game.

Climate Fresk organises Climate Education Kick-Off in partnership with Strathclyde University during COP26 happening November 3rd and 10th!

An international NGO, Climate Fresk aims to bring climate education to the forefront of the climate negotiations during COP through a fun and collaborative workshop based on the IPCC report. Their workshop aims to enable anyone to understand the causes and consequences of climate change. Since its creation in 2018, this game has grown exponentially around the world, convincing 235,000 participants in 50 countries and 35 languages.

>> Watch this video and learn how you can take climate education action during COP26.

They will be organising workshops in City of Glasgow College and training sessions in Strathclyde University. But most importantly, they have partnered with the University to organise the biggest Climate Education Kick Off in the UK to date. In the run up to COP26, Strathclyde has decided to take part in this makor climate education programme alongside 220 other higher education institutions. 

Introducing the COP26 Climate Education Kick-Off programme at Strathclyde. A unique opportunity for students, faculty and staff of the university to receive specific training and take actions to tackle climate change! StrathCEKO, is where newly trained facilitators will work with experienced facilitator coaches to run Climate Fresk Workshops that will reach hundreds of students, staff and academics within the University, to provide them with a common scientific understanding of climate change and empower them to spread awareness. In the 2020/21 academic year, over 65,000 people participated in the programme and 3,000 people have been trained as Climate Fresk facilitators.

Pictured: Aline Dequidt; StrathCEKO Coordinator, Dr Scott Strachan; Senior Teaching Fellow, Michaël Doré; Climate Fresk COP26 Co-coordinator, Manish Joshi; Strath Union CEO and Lea Francastel; Climate Fresk Facilitator.

Why not join them on November 3rd or 10th? >> Register here to participate in the biggest Climate Education Kick Off in the UK during COP26. 

Lea Francastel, UK CEKO Coordinator

“Climate Fresk is a unique tool to help students collaborate and build teams. It is based on the IPCC report and it is great to use their knowledge to create a gamified version to spread awareness. Climate education is important especially for students as they are the decision makers of tomorrow.”

Michaël Dore, Strathclyde Alumni and Climate Fresk COP26 Co-Coordinator

“Humanity is going through its biggest challenge ever, which is climate change. There are high risks of reaching the level where life would not be sustainable if we don’t drastically change the way we live. I firmly believe that climate education is a key element of the solution. The building block we should foster and use in order to create a cultural and social revolution that will enable life to sustain on earth. I’m proud and honoured to be organising such an event in Strathclyde.”

Manish Joshi, Strath Union CEO

“Strath Union recognises the importances of climate education and is delighted to work with Climate Fresk. If we are going to reach Net Zero we need to use the power of education. We have the quote from Nelson Mandela "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to the change the world." in our new building outside the Mandela Auditorium, named in his honour. Education is a force for good and if we can get this right, we can have a chance for the future. Sustainability should not be just something we teach, but something that is embedded in society." 

Scott Strachan, Senior Teaching Fellow at Strathclyde University

“Strathclyde has long been recognised across the world as a socially progressive institution since our founder announced his vision for it to be “the place of useful learning… for the good of mankind”. Well, humankind really needs everyone to pull together now to come up with the type of systemic change needed to avert this climate crisis - and Strathclyde, along with our counterparts across Higher Education, has a key role to play here. In our vision 2025, Strathclyde has committed to embedding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in curricula - at the heart of which sits Climate Education. Climate Fresk workshops offer a highly engaging, fun and interactive way of bringing an understanding of the causes, effects and impacts of climate change to our students, helping them understand more deeply ‘the climate problem’ and inspiring them to consider what needs to be done to find a sustainable, systemic solution, and the role they can play in achieving this, as individuals and in their future careers."

Ready to take action? Climate education is key to bringing long lasting change to our societies and to address the climate emergency. We need more Strathclyders to get involved, and become Climate Education Leaders to spread climate awareness, and this is exactly how you can participate!

>> Sign up to make a positive difference to yourself and the world!


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