Hear to Listen is Here for You

Read about Hear to Listen volunteers and the service!

Hear to Listen Volunteers standing in the Caim space on Level 1 of Strath Union. Five Listeners in the Caim Space!

What is Hear to Listen?

Hear to Listen is a wellbeing service offered at Strath Union by the Listeners. It provides informal, friendly, confidential, 1 to 1 wellbeing support, in person and online. Sometimes something as simple as a safe space to go to talk to someone, offload your worries, or find out more about additional support on offer is what you need.

Hear to Listen is not the same as counselling, nor intervention, it is simply pastoral support, a listening ear to anyone who wants it. They are here if you want to chat to someone because you are new to Strathclyde, still getting to know other students and the campus or are a returning student who hasn't been on campus before due to the pandemic.

Who are the Listeners?

The Listeners are the student volunteers giving their time to provide the Hear to Listen service to others. The students are from diverse backgrounds, part of different years and areas of study and are all super friendly. The team of Listeners is made up of over 100 volunteers, from 28 countries and together they staff the Caim space, facilitate online support sessions, and operate a mobile outreach programme on campus for students.

The Listeners offer a friendly face and a listening ear. They are happy to hear from students about anything, no matter how small or big and can signpost students to other services available on campus when appropriate. This includes but is not limited to the Advice Hub, Disability and Wellbeing services, Strath Sport, Learner Development Services, the Library, and the Chaplaincy.

We chatted to some of the Listeners about H2L and this is what Kris and Ali had to say:

Kris – “A big part of Strath is trying to get round the mental health problems going on with our [student] demographic now. It’s [Hear to Listen] a pretty good idea so you can meet new people and just if people are feeling lonely or are unsure about who they can talk to about certain issues they can come down to speak to us.

Ali – “I think it’s [Hear to Listen] something I really would have benefited from as I went through uni so it means a lot to me now to be a part of something that would have been helpful to me, and I can give back to students as well.


Where can you find the Listeners?

The Listeners have a special reserved space known as the Caim spcae which they use as a base. The base is on the concourse in front of the Voice office on Level 1 of Strath Union, opposite the main entrance. They have access to private rooms on the same level if you are interested in coming to speak to one of the Listeners and have a 1 to 1 chat.

You can find them here between Monday to Saturday from 1pm until 4pm. They also offer online drop-in sessions on Zoom from 6pm until 8pm 7 days a week. The Zoom sessions provide students with a space to make contact, be listened to, and be signposted to other services if needed. This is perfect for students who find it easier to discuss their concerns online, or who are not on campus.

For more information on all things Hear to Listen please contact Marie Cooke via marie.cooke@strath.ac.uk or check out the dedicated Hear to Listen page.