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Industrial Action Update

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Upcoming Industrial Action

UNITE and the UCU have strikes scheduled over the next few weeks. This page covers when the industrial action will occur, how to support those on strike and what the Union is doing to support those on strike.

Any changes to the scheduled teaching or inductions due to take place in during Freshers' Week and Week 1 will be communicated by departments and/or faculty directly. 

Dates of Industrial Action

Freshers' week

  • Wednesday 13 September (UNITE only)
  • Thursday 14 September (UNITE only)
  • Friday 15 September (UNITE only)

Teaching Week 1

  • Monday 18 September (UNITE and UCU)
  • Tuesday 19 September (UNITE and UCU)

Teaching Week 2

  • Wednesday 27 September (UCU only)
  • Thursday 28 September (UCU only)
  • Friday 29 September (UCU only)

The Union won't be picketed and will remain open during the strikes. To show our support to those on strike, we will:

  • Serve free teas and coffees and provide a dedicated space in the building for strikers.
  • Provide unbiased information and resources about strike processes (picket lines etc) and use respectful language.


What is industrial action?

Industrial action is a means by which employees and their representative trade unions can apply pressure on employers when negotiations fail to resolve a trade dispute. Forms of industrial action include:

  • Strike action - a strike is where a group of employees agree to stop working in order to protest against their employer. This means the employees will stop working on strike days. In most cases, including this one, strike action is a last resort after a long period of trying less disruptive forms of negotiation.
  • Action short of a strike - action that members can take during their daily working life and outside strike days and it can take many different forms. The marking and Assessment Boycott was action short of a strike. Another example would be staff not uploading certain materials to Myplace.

Who are the UCU and UNITE?

UCU is the University and College Union, a union that represents over 120,000 members including academics, lecturers, trainers, instructors, researchers, managers, administrators, computer staff, librarians, technicians, professional staff and postgraduates in universities, colleges, prisons, adult education and training organisations across the UK.

UNITE is Scotland's biggest union with around 150,000 members, representing staff at the University working in roles related to estates, security, technicians, and cleaning services.

Why are the UCU taking industrial action?

Members of the UCU have 4 demands for the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA).

  1. Fair pay - salaries had fallen by 20% due to inflation between 2009 and 2021  {1}
  2. Workload -on average staff at Strathclyde have 14 hours of unpaid overtime per week, based on a survey from the UCU.
  3. Equality - fighting for equality for women, ethnic minorities and disabled staff. Strathclyde's gender pay gap as of 2021 was 19%  {2}
  4. Casualisation - this aims to eliminate precarious contracts such as short term and zero hour contracts.

What is a picket line?

A picket line is where workers and trade union representatives stand outside a workplace to tell other people why they are striking. They also ask other workers not to cross the picket line and to also join the industrial action.

At the university they will normally also ask students not to cross the picket line in solidarity with their cause and will give out information about the issue.

What should I do if I see a picket line?

The staff do not have a dispute with students but instead with the university and other organisations such as UCEA. You are welcome to talk to staff on the pickets about why they are there and their experiences.

To support their cause and show respect for the picket line, you can choose not to cross it. There may be other things you can do to help like share information, sign letters or send complaints to the university.

You do not have to engage with the picket at all if you don't want to. Legally you can not be stopped from crossing any picket line on campus.

What can I do if I feel my studies are impacted by the action?

There are a number of options for students who feel affected by the industrial action. This includes submitting Personal Circumstances or complaints to the univeristy. For advice and support on submitting either of these please get in touch with the Advice Hub.

Will any buildings be closed during the action?

The following buildings on campus will be closed during strike days:

Wednesday 13 September (UNITE only)

  • Collins Building
  • Sir William Duncan (access through link corridor only)
  • Hamnett Wing
  • Barony Hall

Thursday 14 September (UNITE only)

  • Sir William Duncan (access through link corridor only)
  • Hamnett Wing
  • Ramshorn
  • Barony Hall

Friday 15 September (UNITE only)

  • Sir William Duncan (access through link corridor only)
  • Hamnett Wing
  • Barony Hall

Monday 18 September (UNITE and UCU)

  • Sir William Duncan (access through link corridor only)
  • Ramshorn
  • Barony Hall

Tuesday 19 September (UNITE and UCU)

  • Sir William Duncan (access through link corridor only)
  • Barony Hall

I have more questions where can I find more information?

Myplace has a full list of frequently asked questions about the current industrial action.

We will update this page if and when there is further information released about the industrial action.


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