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Introducing Strath Union X Native events

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Strath Union X Native events

Native is a comprehensive online events platform that finds events happening in your city and displays them all in one space. Founded in 2015 and based in London it has established itself as the events platform to connect with the student market.

Now the company are fully online and offering free events for students. Native and Strath Union will give you access to exclusive tickets and student deals. It is the perfect partner for events hosting. Making Native, the champion of student experiences.

Why is Strath Union partnering up with Native?

As all university students know socials, nights out and post-exam celebrations are massively important to student life. In a changing landscape for student events, the Native team are sourcing the best events to make your experience at university the best it can be.

For instance, the partnership between Strath Union and Native will bring exciting virtual content and brands to Strathclyde’s campus. Above all, our events will help you discover new and exclusive experiences including external events.

Here is a quick statement from Native about the work they do:

“Native is a multi-award winning, student-centric platform aimed at delivering the latest, exciting content right to students across the UK. We work with over 45 Student Unions to deliver events aimed at helping students have the best time at university”.

What kind of events has Native hosted before?

Native has hosted one-off events, in addition, to tour style events in their 45 Student Union partners across the UK. Similarly, native talks event titled ‘A Fyre Side Chat’ with Andy King, the producer for the fraudulent Fyre Festival. As well as ‘The Staircase’s David Rudolph’, the lawyer from the hit Netflix series ‘The Staircase’.

‘A Fyre Side Chat’ with Andy King covered the subject of the 2019 cult-status Netflix documentary. “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened”. The tour was held in Student Unions with a 60-minute talk from Andy and 30-minute Q&A to explore the man turned internet meme. In addition, he discussed how he was using his new internet fame to help support sustainability in events production.

‘The Staircase’s David Rudolph’ covered the 2018 Netflix crime documentary “The Staircase” which took the world by storm. The event heard Rudolph discuss the case and his client as well as his views on the American justice system.

Native has hosted many exciting events making them one to watch. The new partnership with Strath Union will be no different, with music, yoga and meditation events, you can find all events on the new Strath Union Native page here.


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