Let’s Prepare for University!

Picture of the front of Strathclyde Business builkding

Starting University can be very stressful! There so many things you need to check and get done before leaving, that it all gets quite overwhelming! So, let’s have a look at a few things worth checking, that will probably reduce some of your stress.

Read The Course Manual

Another very important thing is to know what you’re doing. If your course provides you with a manual, then go ahead and read it. It’s better to know what you are to expect rather than going in blind. Of course, the manual is just a guide, and the actual lectures will most likely be a little different, but why not have a rough idea of what’s to come? It will take some of the subliminal stress off!


Pinterest is filled with fun ideas, cool recipes, interesting projects, and it provides a great source of inspiration. It also happens to be filled with vision boards for university, essentials lists and of course, packing lists! If you type the word “Uni” or “Collage”, an abundance of tabs and pins will appear.  Grab your Pinterest apps and go searching!


Beside Pinterest, YouTube is also a great source of inspiration. Search for youtubers going to university and watch their videos, from their ‘packing essentials’ to ‘moving days’ to ‘days in the life’. Moreover, find youtubers that take the same or similar course with you and see what your future routine could look like. Watch note taking and organisation videos and, if the university you will attend has a YouTube channel, watch their videos as well. Usually, campus or new building tours are available. 

Strathclyde University’s YouTube channel

Kiara Madisen- YouTuber whose videos help me with university

Detailed TO DO Lists

‘TO DO’ lists aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but trust me when I say they are needed in this instance. Writing down every single thing you need to buy or bring with you on a piece of paper or an electronic device, will prove to be lifesaving. The level of stress experienced while moving to a new place, whether that’s a new city, country or house, is immense. We tend to get overwhelmed and forget things easily, so writing them down helps remember. Add a small box next to every item, and tik off everything that goes into your suitcase.

Doctor’s Appointments

Our health is extremely important. One of the first things you will do once you’re  in university, will be to register with your local GP (General Practitioner). However, do not wait till you are in pain or something is wrong to get your health checked up. Go to your doctor before you leave and do all the necessary check up blood tests. It’s better to know you’re healthy and well before you leave for university, as discovering health problems later on when you’re all alone, is not fun.

Look Through the University’s Social Media Accounts

Beside YouTube, most Universities utilise all other social media platforms as well. Strathclyde has FacebookInstagramTwitter and TikTok. Both the University and the Union, as well as almost every department within Strath, like the Business School and the Science Department, have their own social media pages as well. Those pages are updated almost daily and important announcements are made there. Program offers and virtual tours are also advertised there, and you can always message the pages with your questions! They are great platforms to take advantage off.

These are just a few suggestions to take some of the stress off! Remember to breath and enjoy the moment! A new chapter of your life is beginning, so be prepared for it, but always enjoy the process!

Written by student journalist Penny