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Saying Hello to the 22/23 Student Exec

Welcome to your new Student Exec team!

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Today the 22/23 Student Exec are taking up their new positions representing all Strathclyde students. Following your votes in the March Elections, the previous Student Exec handed over to your new team who will be working hard for Strathclyde students over the next year.

If you’ve ever wondered who or what the Student Exec are, we’re here to tell you all about your elected Student Exec and what they’ve got planned throughout their journey. They work on all sorts of projects and campaigns to improve student experience at Strathclyde. Last year's Exec achieved lots of wins throughout the year for students. Some highlights include:

  • A new agreement with the University establishing a entrepreneurial partnership between the Union and University
  • Rent freezes in Strathclyde Halls for the 4th consecutive year for students 
  • A No Detriment Approach to education that is a permanent part of policy and procedures at Strathclyde. This approach was broadened for life beyond the pandemic covering critical incidents, pandemics, industrial action (strikes), and adverse weather
  • £140K additional funding for students including a £30k summer hardship fund, £50k digital inclusion fund, £30k refugee and asylum seekers fund and £30k student experience grant fund

Meet your Officers!

President – Adam Morrow

Your new President, Adam, is no stranger to the Union having worked at the Terrace this year. He’s looking forward to helping support students!

Get in touch with him via email and see what he’s up to on Instagram

Vice President Community - Justyna Kardasz

Your new VP Community, Justyna, has been involved with volunteering  throughout her time at Strathclyde and is excited to get started in her new role.

Reach out to her via email and see what she’s up to on Instagram

Vice President Education - Arran Lamont

A recent Business graduate and former Faculty Rep, Arran, is looking forward to helping students as VP Education.

Contact him via email and see what he’s up to on Instagram

Vice President Inclusion - Yu-Chu (Kathy) Doong

Your new VP Inclusion, Kathy, is excited to support students across campus using her own experience as a Strathclyde undergraduate and postgraduate student.

Get in touch with her via email and see what she’s up to on Instagram

Vice President Sport - Ronan Welch

Your new VP Sport, Ronan, has been involved in Sport throughout his time at Strathclyde and is looking forward to get started in this new role.

Reach out to him via email and see what he’s up to on Instagram

Vice President Welfare - Lewis McDermott

You may recognise Lewis, who has been elected for a second term as VP Welfare after a positive year including securing rent freezes in Halls for the 4th consecutive year!

Contact them via email and see what they’re up to on Instagram

Everyone at the Union is delighted to welcome the new team and we’re wishing them all the best in their new roles. We’ll be catching up with them regularly throughout the summer, so you’ll get to know them all ahead of the upcoming university year.

Check our TikTok for the new Execs attempt at the Tortilla Challenge...we'll leave that there but it is not one you'll want to miss!

As well as your Student Exec, each year students are elected to represent different groups on campus. These include inclusion groups, faculties, and under-represented students. They’re here to campaign on your behalf and make change. Find out who your Non-Executive Officers for 2022/23 are!



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