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Pride 2020!

Rachel discusses Pride!

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This year’s Pride month celebrations have undoubtedly been unconventional. We’ve been facing a pandemic, as well as protests against many inequalities. We’ve protested with Black Lives Matter, for better housing for asylum seekers, and have spoken up against transphobia, as well as many other things. This year, we’ve been reminded that Pride is not only a celebration, but a protest. And we have pushed for intersectionality, lifting up the voices of those facing inequalities. 

Now, as Pride draws to a close, we have to continue to lift up those voices, not lose momentum, and give support to those in our local communities who need it. This year, we can continue to celebrate pride throughout the year in a different way. 

Everyone can celebrate from home this year - even in a small way. Some ways that you can get involved is by supporting your local LGBT+ & black owned businesses and charities. 

You can take a digital inclusion class with Won Connect, shop in local LGBT+ businesses like Category Is Bookshop, and support charities like LGBT Unity Glasgow, Terrence Higgins Trust and LGBT Youth Scotland!


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