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Review: Band Night @ The Venue

Live music is back at Strathclyde! Hosted at The Venue, Band Night marks the start of live events returning to the Strath Union

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Band Night marks the start of live events returning to the Strath Union. Taking place on the last Tuesday of every month, Band Night is dedicated to showcasing smaller artists and providing a place to meet new friends while enjoying live music. £2 drink promos run throughout the night at The Venue’s bar so come check out new bands and enjoy cheap drinks!

The night started with Artax, a Scottish synth wave duo that experiment with a variety of genres. Blending sounds from dark pop to classic rock, their signature synth-wave pulse remains a constant factor in their everchanging style. The set was bursting with Katie’s powerful vocals and Callum’s shredding guitar solos. It was an extremely intimate gig, with the lead singer explaining the inspiration behind each song. The duo performed singles from their new album, ‘Sands of the Oasis’. This consisted of various genres, raging from prog rock to 80s pop. Each song introduced a different vibe to the gig. Artax are actively looking for a drummer with hopes of expanding by booking more gigs and releasing new music. It was a strong start to the night!

Next up was Fate Has Favourites. They are an alternative rock band that play emo, pop punk and hard-core metal. So, it was a loud one. The crowd were immediately drawn towards the stage as the lead singer began to scream into the mic. The band brought an intense energy to the stage and made their presence known. They added some funk and blues to their set that contrasted with their initial vibe. Fate Has Favourites have been gigging around Scotland for a few years, so they are no stranger to the stage. After 5 years together, the band are looking to expand their reach by supporting larger bands. They are releasing their debut ep shortly so keep an eye on their socials for updates.

Ending the night was Skafandr, a rock n roll band that’s bursting with energy. They are no stranger to the Venue after playing at the Battle of the Bands a few months ago. The group emerged onto the stage in space suits. It was a not-so-subtle nod to the band name itself, which is an old Eastern European word for ‘spacesuit’. It was evident that the band have experience hyping up a crowd. Their energy transcended onto the audience and demanded their attention. Skafandr played a varied set that ranged from Rage Against the Machine covers to their own self-intitled song. It included fast riffs, melodic vocals and thick bass lines. The set ended with confetti cannons which was a fitting end to a night that was a celebration live music. It was a memorable performance, and no doubt won’t be their last at the Union.

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This was a successful start to the first of many band nights at the Venue! The Union is filled with opportunities for bands and artists to get involved with. This includes the Band Society at Strathclyde that welcome all skill levels and instruments. They host weekly jam nights and events so check them out! It’s a great way to make new friends or even find that missing band member. You can find them on Facebook at ‘Bands at Strathclyde’.

The next Band Night will be on the 25th of October at The Venue with the amazing Ann Para, D-CNTR & Catalyst on the bill. Tickets are available now for £5 on the Strath Union website. Friends, live music and cheap booze, the perfect way to spend your Tuesday night!

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