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Societies and Clubs

University is all about finding friends, community, and yourself. One thing that can help you with this? Student Societies and Clubs!

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What are they?

Societies and clubs are student led groups that provide an opportunity to socialise, learn and get involved with the student community outside of class.  There’s around 200 societies and clubs at Strath Union and all of them will be actively recruiting new members this freshers!

We’ve got almost anything you can think of societies for your course, hobby, and identity and if you can’t find what you’re looking for – The union is there to support you in creating a new one!

You can find information on all societies currently at Strath Union on our Find A Society page and from there you’ll be able to identify a society you’re interested in, find out meeting and event details and find contact information – meaning you can reach out to societies to find out more about what’s on offer.

Some societies will charge a small fee to ‘become a member’. This helps to fund activities throughout the year and get equipment for the club, If you want to join a society but are unable to pay the membership fee don’t worry and don’t let it out you off! The unions Participation Fund is there to make sure no one misses out.

Why you should join

Joining a society can provide you with several benefits. Some are more general and apply to all societies:

  • New people – You’ll get the chance to meet new people and make new friends that you maybe wouldn’t meet outside of your classes!
  • Events – Becoming a member of a society often gives you cheaper or free access to exclusive events
  • Discounts – Lots of societies have sponsorships and deals with local businesses that get members discount (usually 10% off)

Some benefits of societies are more specific:

  • Course-based Societies – Often give you access to employer fairs/talks, opportunities to make connections in your career field and sometimes extra training organised by the society. ChemEng Society at Strathclyde is well known for its large socials and fun trips!
  • Identity based Societies – Are perfect for finding community, from religion focused societies to political groups, to the LGBTQ+ society. They all provide support that can help you combine your identity with your studies
  • Hobby based Societies – These depend on how you use them! You could learn a new skill or progress an existing one. These skills could help you careerwise! The Language Cafe at Strathclyde can help you learn a new language, perfect for any future career field. Joining a media society like StrathFusion or Strathclyde Telegraph is perfect for any future journalists or media focused students.

How do you get involved?

Joining a club is as easy as buying the membership online – but don’t forget to engage in the clubs you join.  The best ways to find out more and get involved?

  • Attend the free taster sessions that societies run throughout Freshers
  • Follow societies on Social Media – You’ll find this information on the Find a Society section of our website – you’ll learn about events and opportunities quicker! Including if any societies are looking for committee members.
  • Come along to our Freshers Fairs on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th of September! You’ll meet a wide variety of societies all at once, get a chance to ask questions and there’s always a few freebies!

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