Solidarity with Afghanistan

Student Executive Statement

Here is a statement about the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan from your Student Exec Team:

"Recent developments in Afghanistan over the last few weeks have been heartbreaking to watch unfold. During difficult times such as this we know that there will be many students, especially those from Afghanistan, who will be worried and equally a number of students who will want to know what they can do, if anything, to help.

Strath Union believes that education is a human right that should always be open to everyone; regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, religion or belief. Education is a key to liberation. It opens doors, creates opportunities and ultimately builds a stronger, more cohesive, society. No one should be denied an education and we condemn in the strongest terms any moves to place limits on the education of women and girls.

We cannot ignore the impact of the UK intervention in Afghanistan. The UK has a moral duty, as a lead contributor to this crisis, to accept more refugees from Afghanistan and ensure their safe passage to the UK. We know that Glasgow is more than up to that task, and encourage the UK Government to resettle refugees from Afghanistan in Glasgow.

We encourage any students personally affected by these events who require additional support to reach out to University support services such as the Disability and Wellbeing Service.

We encourage any student who wishes to help support the relief effort in Afghanistan to consider getting involved with the iniatives listed below."

 - Your Student Exec Team 2021/22


Write to your MP using:


Consider supporting the following charity appeals: