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Star Awards 2020

As many of you know that the Star Awards and its subsequent After Party were postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Kayla-Megan Burns, VP community and President elect at Strath Union, expressed her sincere apology on her facebook account after the Star Awards postponement announcement on March 13;“So sorry all that this has had to happen, but we have had to prioritise your health and wellbeing above this event. Hopefully we'll be able to get this on the go again soon but for now stay safe”



However, Kayla-Megan Burns and the Strath Union team have worked together very hard to organise an extraordinary virtual ceremony for our annual Star Awards. 


The annual Star Awards event took place online this year on May 1 at 7pm on our main Strathclyde Students’ Union Facebook page. Along with the announcements, live interviews were broadcasted with the winners. There was also a £500 Active & Engaged prize draw and a Zoom quiz with Kwaku Adjei (former President at Strath Union) once the Awards ceremony was over. In fact, the award ceremony was an opportunity for Strathclyde Students’ Union to recognise and celebrate the amazing achievements of their student volunteers throughout the year. 


Strath Union spoke to Kayla-Megan Burns following the virtual Star Awards ceremony; “I was genuinely really proud to present the STAR Awards this year, not just because of the honour of getting to recognise all of our amazing volunteers, but also because of the way we did it. I think right now people need every bit of positivity possible and I was really pleased to be able to bring that to students in their own home,”


“It’s really easy to become engulfed by all that’s going on at the moment but I’m really glad that we were still able to acknowledge our volunteers for all that they’ve done over the past year and hopefully we were able to provide a bit of relief through it all as well. Lockdown or no - you’re all pretty amazing,” added Kayla.      


List of the Winners 


Sports Captain of the Year 

Kirstin Harkness

Sports Club of the Year

Netball Club

Sports Volunteer of the Year

Jade Ayd



Engineering Rep of the Year

Sophie Gwynne

Hass Rep of the Year

Sophie Dagens

Science Rep of the Year

Dana Stoddart 

Business Rep of the Year Khizer Ahmed

Rep of the Year

Chelbi Hillan 


Liberation & Campaigns 

Activist of the Year

Vinny Williamson

Campaign of the Year

Students Support the Strike 



Community Project of the Year

Prisions Project - University of Strathclyde Law Clinic

Community Volunteer of the Year

Stephen Ugwuanyi 


Clubs & Societies 

Course related Society of the Year

Strath Speechies 

Faith & Culture Society of the Year

Strathclyde Chinese Students & Scholars Association 

Hobbies & Interests Society of the Year

Strathclyde Language Cafe 

Media, Arts & Music Society of the Year

Strathclyde Telegraph 

Political, Community & Activism Society of the Year

Engineers Without Borders 

Best New Club of the Year

Strath Streetcare


Strath Union Special Recognition Award

Strath Union Special Recognition Award

The Welcome Team



The Astrid Yeates Charity Event of the Year

A Night at the Musicals - Strathclyde Musical Theatre Society 

Collaboration of the Year

The Revolution is Pink ceilidh - Girl Up Strathclyde, Strathclyde Women in Leadership Network, the Feminist society, LGBT +  Society and Pole Fitness

Event of the Year

Festival for Indonesia 2019 - Indonesian Society 

Newcomer of the Year

Laura Saunderson 

Volunteer of the Year

Zhun Tang

Club & Society of the Year Re-Act Theatre Group