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Strath Discount For RHA Headphones!

Lockdown studying


RHA Technologies Ltd has recently set up a discount code for all students and staff at the University of Strathclyde. The discount aims to support those who are working or studying from home at these uncertain times.

Since a lot of people are now working or studying at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, one might be exposed to a distracting environment such as: family, loud TV sounds, or even chatting. Therefore, it is annoying to become suddenly deprived from your preferred workspace at the library or any quiet place at Strathclyde University due to the spreading of the Coronavirus. However, with RHA headphones, you will be taken away from any noise around you. The headphones will help you focus on the work you are doing. For a limited time, RHA is offering a 3O% discount across select products within the RHA range.  

“We talked as a team and we're keen that people have access to a bit of space and calm just now. We’ve been using music and other forms of audio to keep us going; so we wanted to reach out to our partners and friends with this discount. We've got several Strathclyde graduates on staff and we've worked with Strathclyde before on research projects and with Product Design interns,” said Gavin Muir from RHA Technologies. 




So, if you are a Strathclyder, you can use the following discount code : STRATH30 on  


What is RHA Technologies Ltd? 


RHA Technologies Ltd is based in Finnieston, in Glasgow’s West End. It was established in 2011. RHA headphones can be found easily in major retailers all over the world. RHA products prioritise material and sound quality, paired with advanced technologies and intuitive controls over your music and apps. Likewise, RHA headphones are designed to enhance the way people interact with the world. 

The name of the Company reflects the breadth of the people who work there, and their move to more technology-based products. 

"Staff is a big mix of graduates of the city's universities, School of Art, and colleges - and that will continue as we grow! Our city's higher education institutions were many colleagues' first suggestions of people we should get in touch with,” added Gavin Muir.

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