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Strath Union and 'ATP @ COP26' Hub on Day 1

Round up of Day 1 of Strath Union x ATF COP26 events!


Today marked the first day of events at the Strath Union and 'After the Pandemic @ COP26' Hub during the COP26 conference. With speakers, workshops and displays running for the next two weeks come down to Strath Union and get involved. Students are welcome to attend events make sure you register for free via EventBrite. It is a perfect opportunity to hear from a variety of people on the important issue of climate change.

Jeremy Williams, Author of Climate Change Is Racist: Race, Privilege and the Struggle for Climate Justice, spoke in The Venue. You can watch Jeremy's talk on After the Pandemic's YouTube channel here.

Pictured: Jeremy Williams delivering his talk in The Venue at Strath Union.

David Pallash from the LEGO Group held a talk about how we can make play sustainable. He discussed how the LEGO Group are on a mission to give children a voice and use their ideas and visions to inspire leaders around the world.

Pictured: Lego Plant Sculpture 

Click here for the daily programme of events happening at the Strath Union and 'ATP @ COP26' Hub!

  • Tomorrow at 2.30pm Rahma and Mwanarusi from Kenyan Mangrove Conservation & Restoration are hosting a talk get your tickets here. They will discuss the opportunities and challenges that come with community-led conservation, and why local communities must be involved at the heart of climate action.
  • Walk2COP26 will also be hosting an event from 4.30pm at the completion of their 510 mile walk from London, with policy makers and politicians, and students in discussion about Climate Justice. Join the event here.

Not in Glasgow or looking for ways to join the activity virtually? Join the Global Climate Cafés Live for COP26 here


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