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Strathclyde Inspire and Strath Union Partnership Signed


As part of Entrepreneurship for All (E4A), a pillar behind Strathclyde Inspire, outgoing Strath Union President, Benn Rapson signed a new Partnership Agreement with the University Principal before his time in office came to an end.

This partnership will see Strath Inspire and Strath Union working together to transform lives, enrich the student experience, improve employability prospects, and create new ventures. Entrepreneurship is an important part of both the University and Strath Union's work and the partnership will enable Strathclyde Inspire to build on its existing relationship with Strath Union adopting a formal partnership approach to entrepreneurship.

Pictured: Benn Rapson, 21/22 President signing partnership alongside Principal Sir Jim McDonald

The Union CEO, Manish Joshi, was a key part of striking the new partnership alongside the VP Education,

The partnership between the Student Union and the University highlights the importance of entrepreneurship to the student experience and expands the opportunities that we want to make available to Strathclyde students throughout their time at university. Working together as part of Strathclyde Inspire the Union will provide additional resource around entrepreneurship and employability with a key focus on building community, capacity, capabilities, and key competencies across the entire student body, regardless of faculty, department of year of study.

Having recently finalised our new strategic plan for the next 3 years we are excited to have this new focus and look forward to working with students over the coming academic year. If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch with the Union

Strath Union President, Benn, was happy to share the good news following the signing of the agreement,

I’m really excited about the new partnership between Strath Union and Strathclyde Inspire. It is an incredible opportunity for Strath Union to work alongside the brilliant Strathclyde Inspire team to deliver for students at Strathclyde. It is going to create so many new opportunities for students to explore entrepreneurship and employability, developing their skills and setting them up for success. 

Regardless of their area of study this new partnership will open new doors for all students, so I would encourage all students to explore Strathclyde Inspire and to keep their eyes on the Union for more updates as the partnership develops!

One of the highlights of the partnership includes providing entrepreneurship-related societies with support in terms of development, growth, and programming. The Union will also actively promote Strathclyde Inspire-related activities targeted to students and collaborate to develop, host and support events, workshops, and competitions.

Fiona Ireland, Head of Entrepreneurship Strategy at the University of Strathclyde said, 

Strathclyde Inspire offers support and guidance to all staff, students and alumni. We actively encourage the pursuit of strong business ideas and nurture a culture of entrepreneurial activity.

Embedding entrepreneurship into the student experience will give students greater job prospects and create inventive student-driven ventures. It will also contribute to local, national and global economies and has vast potential for giving back to the communities we serve

The new partnership puts our already productive relations with the Union on a firmer footing and we are looking forward to working together to produce new generations of Strathclyde entrepreneurs.

The partnership will formally begin on August 1st this year and will be in place for 2 years.


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