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Strathclyde Students’ Union Endorses Landmark Plant-Based Treaty

Strathclyde Students’ Union becomes the first students’ union in the UK to endorse the Plant-Based Treaty

Plant-Based Treaty

As COP-26 kicks off in Glasgow, Strathclyde Students’ Union has become the first students’ union in the UK to endorse the Plant-Based Treaty.

The Plant-Based Treaty initiative is a grassroots campaign designed to put food systems at the forefront of combating the climate crisis. It aims to halt the widespread degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal agriculture and to promote a shift to healthier, sustainable plant-based diets.

Asked why the Union was endorsing the Plant-Based Treaty, Benn Rapson, Strath Union President, said: “Strath Union is the representative voice of students at the University of Strathclyde. It is important for us as an organisation to constantly strive to drive positive social change. The students that we represent have been clear that we need to take a proactive and well-rounded approach to tackle climate change, and we feel that supporting the Plant-Based Treaty is one important way of demonstrating our commitment to this.”

Left -  Ru Wallace, Strath Union Vice President Community, Right- Benn Rapson, Strath Union President

Communications Director for the Plant-Based Treaty, Nicola Harris, said in response to Strath Union’s endorsement of the landmark treaty: "We are delighted that Strath Union has endorsed the Plant-Based Treaty and is showing climate action leadership during this global emergency. I hope the City of Glasgow and world leaders at COP26 will take note and be inspired to begin negotiations for a Plant-Based Treaty as a companion to the Paris Agreement. We urgently need to talk about animal agriculture and plant-based solutions in order to combat the methane emergency and limit global temperature rises to 1.5C."

The Plant-Based Treaty initiative is attempting to build a global coalition of supporters in the hope that a global agreement will be passed on plant-based solutions to the climate crisis. Strath Union’s endorsement of the treaty follows a campaign to get Glasgow City Council to endorse which has amassed over 10,000 signatures. Asked what the next steps for Strath Union are following their endorsement, Rapson said: “We are hoping to persuade the University of Strathclyde to endorse the Plant-Based Treaty. If they follow us in endorsing they would be the first University in the UK and the second in the world to do so. Likewise, we are hoping to meet with members of Glasgow City Council to further the calls of the 10,000 strong petition to get GCC to endorse the treaty.”

The Cow In The Room - at The Terrace in Strathclyde Students’ Union

Strath Union recently opened their new Zero Waste Store ‘Re:Store’, the first of its kind within student unions in Scotland, which stocks a vast array of vegan products. They are also currently hosting a major COP26 fringe event organised by grassroots community initiative After the Pandemic which runs until the 12th of November which is free and accessible to all.


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