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Strathclyde seeks students’ views

Students are being asked for their views on how the University and Strath Union can work together to enhance the Strathclyde experience.
The University’s 22,000 students are being consulted on a new Student Partnership Agreement, which aims to promote student engagement, and to outline how they can get more involved in developing the Strathclyde community.
The document sets out three priority action areas for a two-year period: enhancing student mental health; careers and employability; and ensuring effective feedback. Now the University and Strath Union are seeking student and staff views on how the University community can collectively achieve these goals.
Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal of the University, said: “We are incredibly proud of our students at Strathclyde, and the excellent partnership we’ve shared with our Students’ Union over many years.
“Students are at the heart of everything we do, and it’s vital that we hear their views on how we develop our community. I look forward to receiving feedback on the Student Partnership Agreement, and working with Strath Union in the years ahead to help realise our shared goals.”
Calvin Hepburn, Strath Union President, said: “Through the Student Partnership Agreement, projects that have been highlighted will be constructively progressed and will help provide an avenue to show changes that have been made at the University.
“I am hugely excited about the project, and can’t wait to see the impact it generates for students.”
Students and staff are asked to email their ideas about how we might progress the following priority areas:
Student Mental Health
The University and Strath Union are committed to ensuring positive mental health and wellbeing of all our students. The new Student Mental Health Action Plan, implemented in 2017/18, focuses on developing new and additional services to support and promote positive mental health and wellbeing, enhancing student retention and achievement. We will work together to continue delivering the key objectives of the Student Mental Health Action Plan to meet the diverse needs of our student groups.
Careers and Employability
As a place of useful learning, we must ensure that all of our students are able to develop work-related competencies that will increase their work-readiness and enhance their future careers. We will work together to enhance graduate career opportunities and employability, equipping and supporting all students in preparation for future careers and further study, ensuring  that Departments and Schools focus on  increasing internship, job placement, field-trip and exchange programme opportunities for all students.
Ensuring Effective Feedback
Effective and timely feedback is the basis of improved student learning and a priority for all students and staff. We will work together to implement the University’s Assessment & Feedback Policy, which is based on four principles: Assessment & Feedback practices promote effective learning; are appropriate, fair and transparent; are clearly communicated to students and staff; and, are continuously reviewed.
Students and staff should provide written feedback by email to  by 31 May 2018.

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