Sustainable Shops in Glasgow

Read about zero-waste shops in Glasgow!

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The pollution levels rise constantly, and planet Earth is pretty much dying... As a result, a lot of people worldwide are trying to find ways to stop the pollution and save the planet. One way we can aid in those efforts, is by being sustainable. Here are few sustainable shops in Glasgow you need to check out.

#1 Re:Store

Located right here at the Union, Re:store strive to offer an affordable and eco-friendly shopping experience for not only Strathclyde students, but all of Glasgow. By communicating with zero waste suppliers, they ensure top quality products that are not only tasty for your stomach, but good for our planet. Offering everything from grains and lentils, to vegan and halal sweeties, so pop in to the shop today and see what the friendly staff have for you!

You can find Re:Store on Level 1 of 51 Richmond Street within Strath Union and online here

#2 Zero Waste Market

Located in Dennistoun, the zero-waste market is a shop filled with loose everyday products. Bringyour own reusable bags and containers and buy loose vegetables and fruits, as wellrefilling your shower products or your spices. The goal of the shop is to minimize the plastic waste, which is why items are loose and not packaged.

You can find the Zero Waste Market at 17 Hillfoot Street, Glagsow G31 2LD and online here

#3 Locavore Grocery

Located at the southside of Glasgow, Locavore is a grocery store with an abundance of loose products. From organic produce, grown locally and usually by the Locavore team themselves, to shower gels and shampoos, Locavore has everything you need. They also provide no packaging, which means you can buy as many products as you need. This results in the reduction of food waste, as well as plastic waste. You can bring your own containers and refill the products you need. Furthermore, they offer weekly boxes of vegetables. They’re plastic free boxes and they usually contain about seven different vegetables, varying from season to season and availability. 

You can visit Locavore at 349 Victoria Road, Glasgow, G42 7SA and see their online page and blogs here.

#4 Roots and Fruits

Located in two different places in the West End of Glasgow, Roots and Fruits has a great combination of products. From groceries with zero packaging and flowers to a sustainable coffee shop and an array of baked goods. So, grab your reusable bags and containers and go buy and refill everything you need. And at the end of your errands trip, sit down and enjoy a wee cup of coffee or any beverage of your choice.

You can visit Roots and Fruits at 451-457 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 8HH or at 1137 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8ND and visit their website online here.

#5 Emily Rose Vintage

Located in the Southside of Glasgow, Emily Rose Vintage is a vintage store with a little twist. Not only do they sell amazing vintage pieces, but they also restore furniture, adding a modern spalsh. Moreover, they run workshops for those who are interested in learning how to paint and refurbish items themselves.

You can visit Emily Rose Vintage at 66 Nithsdale Rd, Glasgow G41 2AN and online here.

These are just a few sustainable shops to check out if you live in Glasgow. Their products are really good and by shopping there you help the environment, so visiting them is a win-win situation.