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Powering our Future: Decarbonised Energy is Key

TEDxUniversityofStrathclyde is well-known for its innovative and thought-provoking conferences by motivating and insightful speakers and this year was no exception. Hosted on Saturday 2nd October at the Technology & Innovation Centre at the University of Strathclyde, 14 international speakers gathered to discuss the conference’s theme of Resilience Reignited by addressing a global audience of delegates.

Opened by the Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow, the conference dived into highlighting the issues facing us as we continue to tackle the climate emergency and what we need to do to reach net-zero by 2050.

“…individual actions aggregated up to make a big difference."

Speaking about a systems approach to reaching our energy goals over the next three decades, Principal of the University of Strathclyde Sir Jim McDonald delivered his first TEDx talk to an engaged audience of students, business leaders and industry experts.

Professor McDonald gave an impassioned speech about the interconnected factors that are necessary to reach our ambitious targets. From reliability and affordability to economic opportunity, he talked about the role that governments and those occupying positions of leadership have to play in ensuring that these goals are not only met but that they also receive buy-in from the public.

COP26: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Hosted at a unique time for the City of Glasgow, Resilience Reignited was an opportunity to bring together a select group of people to share their views on how we as a society need to be shifting our attitudes and actions if we are to truly have a sustainable future.

Organisers Sheik Abdul Malik and Maisie Keogh, both Doctoral Researchers at Strathclyde spent over 12 months planning the conference, ensuring the values of TED; curiosity and the sharing of ideas as well as the spirit of COP26 were preserved.

“We are so proud of what we have achieved with our Annual Ideas Conference and we were inspired by the message of a decarbonised future that the Principal delivered. We hope that by sharing Professor McDonald’s talk globally, we share a call to action that will resonate around the world," commented Sheik Abdul Malik. 

Watch Online

You can watch the Principal's TEDx talk entitled "A systems engineering approach to Net Zero by 2050" here. All talks from Resilience Reignited will be made available over the next few months and you can watch talks from the previous year's conference on the TEDxUniversityofStrathclyde website.

If you would like to get involved in organising the 2022 Annual Ideas Conference, then you can find more details here.

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