Things To Occupy You This Summer

Girl looking out to the sea holding onto the top of her straw hat.

**Originally written 20/07/2021**

Now that the restrictions are easing, there’s a lot more stuff we can do to occupy ourselves this summer. So, let’s have a look at some of them!

Outdoor Activities

A great way to spend the summertime is by doing activities outdoors. Especially now that we can meet with our friends again, it is a great way to make up for lost time. Grab a backpack, your camera or phone and your trusty shoes and go for a hike. Explore the amazing forests and hidden gems Scotland has to offer. Summertime in Scotland nowadays means a bit of sun and quite a bit of wind, which are perfect conditions to enjoy your day without melting away from the heat.

Ben Nevis is a classic hiking spot but do please check the weather conditions before going as it can be quite dangerous. A few other cool places are the Devil’s Pulpit, the Isle of Mull (great for a wee camping trip), and of course the various Highlands destinations. Aside hiking, why not try cannoning, riding your bike, or just grabbing a ball and playing with your mates! Don’t forget to set a nice picnic and enjoy the day, take lots of pictures and have lots of fun!

Movie Binging

Another good way to relax on the rainy days of Scottish summer is by binge watching your favourite movies or discovering new ones. Movies great for binging on the Sci-fi side, are the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and series, Star Wars and Star Trek, the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogies, the Hunger Games and Harry Potter just to name a few. On the more romantic side, Nichola’s Spark’s movies, such as the Notebook, the Longest Ride, the Best of Me, the Choice and many more are great tear jerkers and love story tellers. Jumanji and Deadpool are great comedies to watch as well.

These are just some recommendations. Go on your NetflixAmazon PrimeDisney + or any other account you have and go explore and enjoy a variety of movies. Invite a friend or two as well and have movie marathons and sleep overs. Great excuse for ordering junk food and having a summer meet.

Book Reading

Another personal favourite on cosy rainy days is reading books! Just like movies, you can binge read your favourite book series or just read a bunch of different ones! Just like the movies, fantasy wise I’d recommend the Harry Potter books, the Maze Runner, The Hunger Games and The Divergent series. As good as the movies are, they cannot surpass the books. Shadow and Bone, Shadowhunters and Percy Jackson and The Olympians, are also amazing books to read.

The Nicholas Spark’s books are also amazing reads and good tearjerkers, and the classic novels of Jane Austin will always make you feel some type of way! Of course, for the horror enthusiasts, as good as the movies can be, nothing beats the depths of a person’s imagination. Reading a horror book and letting your imagination run wild, is a scare in every corner waiting to happen!

Seminar/ Short Educational Courses

Now, I know that summer is meant for relaxing and unwinding from a very stressful academic year, but studying doesn’t always have to be hard. For those who love learning more and expanding their horizons, a summer seminar or online course might be the best past time! It’s a great way to enhance your CV as well. Websites like Skillshare, offer a variety of courses and skills and if you get the premium version, you get unlimited access.

New hobbies/ skills

Finally, something most of us have been doing during this pandemic is picking up different hobbies. If you haven’t done so already, then the summer is the perfect time to start! Grab your laptop and browse through YouTubeTikTok and Pinterest and discover the new hobby you want to take! Whether it’s cooking, scrapbooking, drawing, sawing or playing an instrument, there are a million ideas and tutorials! So, grab your necessities and get creative.

These are just some suggestions!! Summertime means Fun time, so grab your pals, go outside and be creative together!

Written by student journalist Penny