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Trans Awareness Week

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This week, the 13th – 19th November 2022, is Trans Awareness Week. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate trans, non-binary and gender diverse* people, and to make their voices heard at Strath Union.
Unfortunately, transphobia is still widespread in healthcare, education, and wider society, with Stonewall finding that over half of trans people in Scotland have experienced a hate crime or incident because of their gender identity. This has got to change. We want trans, non-binary and gender diverse students and staff to feel safe, respected and supported, and for cis-gender students and staff to be educated and committed to being active trans* allies (and not just during trans awareness week)!
We have put together a list of helpful resources, including support available at the University, community spaces and support in Glasgow, educational resources, and further reading by some of our favourite trans, non-binary and gender diverse writers and influencers.

Support and Social Spaces

Ask Alex

The ‘Ask Alex’ service for trans, non-binary and gender diverse students and staff connects named contacts working across Strathclyde University who can provide advice, assistance and support in a range of areas. The named contacts act as a friendly first port-of-call who can coordinate support or find out information on your behalf.
The kinds of things we can help to coordinate support with include:
  • changing official name, title or gender on student or staff records
  • changing e-mail address and student or staff cards
  • communicating with a department or colleagues with regards to name, gender and pronouns
  • advice and information on aspects University policies and procedures (e.g. sickness absence, time off for gender-affirming healthcare, dignity & respect)
  • issues relating to accommodation, wellbeing, or any other concerns
  • referral to external and internal sources of support and information
  • a friendly person to check in with and have a chat

Strath Union LGBTQIA+ Society

The LGBTQIA+ Society meets and campaigns throughout the year- email them or follow their Instagram for more information!

Your LGBT+ Rep, Maia Peat (they/he)

As your LGBT+ Rep, Maia is responsible for supporting and campaigning to improve the welfare of the LGBT+ community at Strathclyde. If you feel that the community is not being sufficiently supported by the university, or have ideas about how this support could be improved, please get in touch with them. Their main objective this year is to have non-binary genders recognised by the university, and to make changing one’s gender through Pegasus more accessible.

Trans Youth Glasgow at LGBT Youth Scotland

TYT is a youth group for people aged 16-25 who identify as transgender or are questioning or exploring their gender identity, running in person in Glasgow or online every Monday from 6pm to 8pm.

Small Trans Library

The Small Trans Library is a small lending library of trans-authored books for trans people, with branches in Dublin and Glasgow. They also regularly host reading groups, writing workshops and community events for trans people, including ‘dinner and a movie’ nights in the Southside of Glasgow.

Category is Books

Category is Books is an independent LGBTQIA+ bookshop in the southside of Glasgow. They run social activities and events on a regular basis, and also run a ‘pay it forward’ system for those not in a position to buy books.

The Trans, Non-Binary and Questioning Guide

LGBT Youth Scotland know that coming out isn’t always easy, and this guide is a resource to support young people on their journey. Updated for today’s young people, the guide has been co-written with them and staff and covers a range of topics including:
  • Questioning your gender identity
  • How to come out in a way that is safe for you
  • Exploring gender expression
  • Gender Dysphoria and Gender Euphoria
  • The rights of trans, non-binary and questioning young people

Educational Resources

LGBT Youth Scotland: What Does Awareness Really Mean for Trans Young People?
Stonewall Trans Hub 
Oestrogeneration: a magazine platform highlighting transfeminine voices in the UK
Read magazine
TUC have written some helpful guidelines on how to be a good ally
Read guidelines
Their main tips are to educate yourself, challenge transphobia, include trans colleagues, listen, and respect boundaries.

People to follow


What next?

If you want to see change at Strathclyde and would like to campaign around these issues, get in touch with:

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