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Society Stories: Paint n' Sip with Arts & Crafts

Read all about what the Arts & Craft Society get up to!

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With over 200 Societies and over 50 Sports clubs the Union is always busy with events and taster sessions.  We spoke with the President of the Strathclyde Arts & Crafts society, Shreya Ghimire, to find out more about the society at their most recent Paint n’ Sip session!

Tell us a little more about what happens at the Paint n’ Sip session.

Our Paint n’ Sip sessions are fortnightly, and members can come and chill at the Union and do their own arts or use the resources provided in a fun, friendly environment. We can eat and drink and just do some painting or other crafts; we have had members bring their knitting or embroidery things before!

What do students need to get involved with the society?

To get involved, all students need is a membership to the society. If you want to bring your own projects, you can or you can just turn up and use what we provide.

Pictured from L-R are Kenta Okubo, Shreya Ghimire and Emmanuella Oiza Itopa the committee behind Strathclyde Art and Crafts society

Why should students get involved with the society?

Our society is great because we try to inspire creativity in anyone and everyone. Everyone needs to let their imagination and enjoy doing something that stimulates the mind while still being easy going. We have done things like life drawing classes and pottery that allows people to try arts they have never considered before. We keep it as accessible as possible too!

Are there types of art that are a society favourite which you’d recommend to students?

We loved the more different sessions like our pottery classes were a big hit! I personally love more different crafts like that, and I would recommend joining the society to try these new things out too.

Pictured: Attendees enjoying their drinks while getting creative.

What destination is at the top of the society’s list to organise a trip to visit?

We had been planning loads of trips this year but have decided to postpone to next year. We were especially keen on a trip to a city known for art in Europe, like somewhere in Italy or Berlin, etc. We also are keen to go on day trips to Edinburgh and local galleries!

To keep up to date with the next Paint and Sip session and learn more about the society follow them on Instagram.

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