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Powerlifting Society Has Moved Online!

Powerlifting Society is offering online services.

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Strathclyde Powerlifting Society is using online video conferencing software as a new alternative to train members and to stay connected during these uncertain times. The society started to use Zoom as of last Wednesday, alongside @strathclydepolefitness, to keep up the physical health of its members.   

“We set it up on Zoom as it has the best quality of video and stuff like that.  Plus you can get as many members as you want on it. However, switching to online service requires more effort than ever, it’s a different style of training for us but all you need to do is set your goal differently.  Try and get fitter or do different styles of workout and be productive,” said Callum Field, President at Strathclyde Powerlifting Society. 


“If you stay off doing nothing is going to be worse for you! At the end of the day, you can do a lot in an hour's worth of exercise,” added Callum Field. 


The Society also communicates through their Facebook Group where they post about the date and the time of a workout session online. 


“We got the Poledancing society involved.  We did a team-up with the Poledancing society so they were really keen to do it.  One of our guys is a PT so he made up a workout and did this full workout more or less just body weight stuff so obviously the powerlifting and Poledancing training is quite different but we can do bodyweight stuff.  So you don’t have to have any weights, just circuit training,” added Callum Field. 


What is Strathclyde Powerlifting Society? 


Strathclyde University Powerlifting Society was established in 2016. It aims to help those interested in competing within the sport of powerlifting and to teach individuals how to correctly squat, bench press and deadlift. The society ensures progress by training at Central strength, a Powerlifting style gym which has the equipment and the facilities necessary to excel. 

Powerlifting Society includes sporting men and women from various disciplines such as: athletics and rugby. However, most of their members are now fully into Powerlifting. Apart from that, the society also includes other members who simply enjoy training as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Strathclyde Powerlifting Society won the Scottish Men’s Championship in April 2019.   

If you would like to chat about lifting, or join the Powerlifting society and the zoom call every Wednesday, please feel free to email the society on here.

Written by Sara Galy, Content Writer at Strath Union.


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