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Chatting with the Bands at Strath Society

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The music scene in Glasgow is stellar and the union has a reputation for hosting some incredible acts over the years. With multiple music orientated societies there is something for every student. This week we chatted to Ashleigh Bruce, Treasurer of the Bands at Strathclyde Society (BASS), about their weekly jam sessions and the upcoming Spring Sessions showcasing talent from several student bands within the society.

Tell us about what the society’s weekly jam session entails

So, each week we have a jam session which just involves members turning up with a willingness to play music and from there it usually turns into a fun night without much effort. You might hear one of us screaming “who wants to do a funk jam?” or “heavy jam anyone?” but most nights we have people lined up to do covers and we’re usually never short of people who can play or improvise them.

We usually do a Facebook poll during the week asking what people want to play and we’ve never had a problem with filling it up with suggestions. We play all sorts; B.B. King, Fleetwood Mac, Oasis, Hole, Joy Division, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Green Day, Pink Floyd and even the odd original song from some of our members.

What does a Strathclyde student need to get involved with BASS?

It only costs a fiver for the whole year, and we can provide guitars, a bass, keyboard, drums, and amps. You don’t need to be an amazing player, just being able to play a few chords is enough to get involved. If you’ve got another instrument that’s cool too; we have saxophonists, and we’d love somebody to appear one day with something like a cello or a synthesiser so we can play around with a band with those.


What piece included in The Spring Sessions is your favourite?

That’s going to be a contentious one. There’s a song that’s in the new Batman film that my band is going to play that I think is going to go down well but everybody likes something just a little bit different. We’ve got classic rock, pop, grunge, funk, Britpop and probably a whole bunch more so I’m sure there’s going to be loads of different favourites for the audience on the night.

Why should people come along to The Spring Sessions on March 25th?

It barely costs more than a pint of beer and it’s the chance to celebrate and get involved with the return of live bands to the Union after these tough couple of years. The Union has hosted some truly awesome bands over the years like Pink Floyd, Motörhead and Blondie and this is the chance to be a part of a new generation of music.

Get your £5 ticket now for the event on March 25th here

What artist, song or genre would you recommend people give a listen that the society is currently enjoying?

I’d encourage people to check out the 80’s and 90’s grunge scene and bands adjacent to that. Everybody knows Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and the Smashing Pumpkins but other bands like the Wipers, Dinosaur Jr., Flop, Failure, the Fastbacks, Sebadoh and Bad Brains don’t get nearly as much recognition as they deserve.

Find out more about the Spring Sessions and when the society meets by joining the BASS group on Facebook.


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