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Strathclyde Film Society is utilising Netflix Parties

Another alternative to watch films together online

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The Strathclyde Film Appreciation Society is using Netflix parties as a new alternative to watch films together online during these unprecedented times.

What is a Netflix Party?

Netflix party is a Google Chrome extension that only requires one person to install and host it, making it easier for the other participants to set up and join it. The extension allows the audience to chat with one another in the viewing session online while social distancing. However, it does not allow you to put in a name, so you will have to remember your friends’ virtual symbols. 

The Strathclyde Film Appreciation Society members usually convene once a week in one of the Union’s lounges to watch a film and discuss it afterwards. However, they have not been able to do so since the closure of the Union building due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Netflix party

The idea of a Netflix Party was first initiated by Kayla Megan Burns, Vice President Community and the newly elected President at Strath Union for next year. 

“Kayla Megan Burns suggested the idea of Netflix Party. We thought that it was an amazing idea to implement. We then found out most of our members already have an active Netflix subscription, something that’s massively helpful in today’s time and just for what’s happening right now, other than the fact that Netflix reduces the strain on internet service providers. It is also a fantastic idea to try and get our members involved,” said Utkarsh Dwivedi, Treasurer at Strathclyde Film Appreciation Society. 

It was important for the Strathclyde Film Appreciation Society to keep its good work through online gatherings like Netflix parties which are more important now, during these unprecedented times, than ever before. 

“I felt that this is a time when socialising has reduced significantly in comparison and to be able to talk to other people about things that we loved doing can be extremely helpful with the anxiety that might start to peep in due to this social distancing. At the least, people will have something to look forward to every week and get to chat with other folks. If successful, we can try and expand it to more than a screening per week which at least will help the students to keep their social life active,” added Utkarsh Dwivedi. 

If there is something appealing to the audience while the film is on, there will be a wee chat (a feature provided by the extension) but a proper discussion will be fully carried out when the film is over. 

The Strathclyde Film Appreciation Society will run their first Netflix Party on the 30th of March from 6 pm. They are hoping for as many participants as possible to turn up for the first party. So, if you fancy watching a film with people you do not know in a company-loving party, please contact or join their Facebook group called 'The Strathclyde Film Appreciation Society'. 

What is the Strathclyde Film Appreciation Society 


Films bring everyone to understand more about other cultures, languages, the atrocity of being homeless, and the countries that are in constant proxy wars. The Strathclyde Film Appreciation is thus a society that shares the same passion of films without discriminating against their race, religion, gender, sexuality, or disability. The society aims to encourage a stress-free, relaxed environment to engage with the passion of films. It also focuses on sharing the participants’ opinions and views on the films without judgement, furthering their inclusivity by collaborating with a range of other societies. The Society runs films about Black History Month, LGBTQ community and they collaborate a lot with the feminist society. The ultimate aim is not only to watch films in the spot but even to engage people into conversations and present the impact of art. 

Written by:
Sara Galy, Erasmus Student and Content Writer at Strath Union.  
Twitter: @galy_sara


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