Own Voices was a hashtag that started within book reading communities to boost diverse work that was written by authors from that same diverse group. Now, we want to use that same idea to boost diverse work from students about their lived experiences.

If you’re a BAME student, female student, an LGBT+ student, a disabled student, or all four, and you want to share work about your lived experiences, this is an opportunity for you.  All art forms are welcome (e.g. painting, graphic design, poetry, writing, music, etc.), as long as your work lines up with the Own Voices ethos.

We will be collecting this work throughout the year for displaying during Black History Month, Disability History Month, LGBT+ History Month and International Women’s Day respectively.

The work will be exhibited and will remain on display for the entirety of this month, as well as on the union website. Students will then be able to vote for their favourite works to be displayed permanently in the new Union building.




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