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Welcome to 'On Yer E-bike', Strath Union's free e-bike rental service for students. 

* Please note that e-bike rentals are currently suspended due to Covid-19 * 

About our project

We are the first Student Union in Scotland to have an e-bike scheme for students - and we're proud of it.

Thanks to the Energy Saving Trust, Strath Union owns a small fleet of 6 electric bikes, or 'e-bikes', which are rented out to students completely free of charge. 

Any registered Strathclyde student can rent an e-bike for up to one week at a time, depending on availability, in order to help us make Glasgow a cleaner, less congested city.  

What is an E-bike?

We could have started with a fleet of regular bikes, so why did we go for e-bikes? Well, it's difficult to explain just how useful e-bikes are until you've tried one. Even if you're an experienced cyclist, you'll still be amazed at what e-bikes are capable of.

For those with less experience, less physical fitness or for groups who typically are less able to cycle under their own steam, e-bikes are perfect and can massively increase the accessibility of cycling. For those with some experience, e-bikes can encourage people to cycle more regularly and for longer distances with increased comfort. For those with experience who cycle regularly, e-bikes can provide a more comfortable way to commute at a higher speed than normal, cover even longer distances or more challenging routes, or an effortless alternative to cover short trips, without the need to wear dedicated cycling clothes. 

How Can I Hire an E-bike? 

To hire an e-bike, fill out our rental request form here and we will arrange times for you to collect and drop off the bike. 

Once your rental time is over, simply return the e-bike and apply to re-hire.

If you're looking to purchase your own e-bike, you can apply to the Energy Saving Trust for an interest-free Government loan here


We will always be open to input on how we can make this project a success; if you have ideas, send an email to Jodie Waite (Student Development Co-ordinator) at: - we would love to hear from you.