A Beginners Guide to Zero Waste Shopping – How it Works and What to Bring

Most of our products are sold loose meaning they don’t come in any wasteful plastic bags or packaging! Just pop along to the shop with your own containers and fill them up as much as you need. This also helps reduce food wastage as you’re able to buy the exact amount you require.

Once you have filled up your containers, they can then be weighed to calculate the price. Our scales will print off a sticker for each container of food that we will scan at the till to calculate your overall cost.

There is no need to worry about the weight of your containers affecting the price – all containers are weighed beforehand and given a sticker so we can subtract their weight from the overall price! If you’re unsure of how this works, feel free to ask any of our staff for help and they will happily show you.

What kind of container can you use?

Any container will do! You can use Tupperware, washed out jam jars, bottles, lunch boxes, or even the tub that last nights take out came in. As long as it has a secure lid so you don’t spill lentils all over your bag, it should do the job!

We do have a limited supply of jars, bottles and bags that can be bought at the shop – however, we recommend bringing your own in case they run out! We also sell paper bags that can be used for our pick ‘n’ mix items such as the nuts, dried fruit, crisps, and vegan sweets. Just remember to pop them in the recycle bin afterwards!