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We’ve teamed with some of the best zero-waste, plastic free, eco friendly partners to make the smallest impact on climate and the biggest impact on quality products!

Essential Trading

This is where the majority of our dried goods and whole-foods are coming from. Essential trading specialist in “ethically produced, organic and ‘free from’ food sourced from around the world and never by airfreight.” They are providing to us, responsibly sourced organic produce with an ethos for having less negative environmental impact!


We are the first ever shop to supply MACK cleaning products, a carbon neutral company! They currently supply to the commercial side of LUSH and on board all Sea Shepherd Ships! MACK’s cleaning products are all PH neutral with no COSHH requirements, they use bacteria which cleans and digests any organic matter (fats, oils, grease), enabling them to be dissolved in water. We sell our MACK products in 25ml concentrated shots, where you can take them home and add 500-750ml of water and your cleaning product is good to go! Helping you to reuse old plastic containers again and again.


Faire help independent entrepreneurs get their products out there. From candle makers to artists, they push towards shopping small and shopping local rather than going for the usuals! All of our products supplied by Faire come from independent sellers and creators.


Our vegan sweet range! Rubydoobys supply an all vegan pick n mix! All sweets are free from any kind of animal derived product; gelatine, beeswax, honey, milk, egg etc. They also supply our packaging which is all recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. Even the packaging they post the sweets to us in is made from recyclable paper, mail bags and labels!

Just Crisps

A family run business in sustainable farming providing ( clue in the name) crisps! Just Crisps is a gold standard, 100% British company supplying crisps through their potato crop and cooking them in their own rapeseed oil. They supply to us in large plastic tubs which we put into smaller jars in the shop. We then send back the reusable tubs to get refilled once our stock is low. No wastage and nothing single use.

Two Farmers

Coming from Herefordshire, Two Farmer also provide us with a large selection of crisps from organic home grown potatoes, graded on their own farm keeping road miles low. Two Farmers also use 100% compostable packaging and store, cook and package potatoes using renewable energy.


All reusable packaged cleaning products, offering a zero waste, closed loop solution to all your cleaning and personal care needs. Miniml are transparent in all areas of their business, from where they source their ingredients to how the products are packaged. Our Miniml products come with pumps so you can refill your old containers and then we send them back to be refilled. Guilt free shopping with absolutely no wastage!