Welcome to the Meditation Society!


We are a society at Strathclyde of student-led meditation sessions where anyone can learn to meditate or become less of a stress head. Meditating can be especially useful around exam and assignment deadlines because it's important to relax a bit or at least know how to. 


Our aims are to teach people how to meditate and make it a part of their lives (we'd all be so stress-free), creating a warm, friendly, welcoming society that is stress-free to be a part of and easy to join and to let students reap the rewards of making meditation a part of your life. 


We're currently running relaxed in-person meetings every Wednesday in the Mandela Auditorium (Strath Union Building), so come along and join in!


We've launched a Discord featuring different channels to be used for different aspects of the society. See the below invite link to join, whether you want to become a member or are simply interested in finding out more and meeting other members!


Anyone can meditate, why not start?


Meditation Society.


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