Glasgow Freshers Varsity

The 2019 edition of the Glasgow Taxis Freshers Intervarsity Sports Day will take place on Wednesday 25th September. Featuring 6 team sports the event is hosted at University facilities across the city of Glasgow with the Universities of GCU, Glasgow and Strathclyde to be represented by teams comprised of new students as they receive their first introductions to competitive student sport.

The focus of the day is very much on participation and providing a warm welcome to the freshers as they embark on their University sporting careers. While nobody keeps track of the overall scores on the day, the friendly rivalries which characterise any meeting between these institutions are sure to provide an exciting atmosphere.

Sporting competition between the 3 Universities will reach its annual culmination at the Glasgow Taxis Cup during March 2020. To stay up to date with info about both events follow @TheGlasgowCup and