Strath Union Arts Festival is an annual event where students from the Arts and Culture societies at Strathclyde can showcase their talents. We are very fortunate at Strathclyde to have a vibrant community of these societies which are very active and perform regularly throughout the year. This Arts Festival saw performances from the Strathclyde University Concert Band, Strathclyde University Symphony Orchestra, Bulgarian Society, Bands at Strathclyde, Strathclyde University Jazz Orchestra, and Strathclyde Fusion, as well as filming from Strath TV.

President of the Strathclyde Concert Band, Callum Wilson, was there on the day to share his experience from the day.

In previous years, staff in the union have organised the festival and then contacted societies individually to ask them to perform. This was on top of all the hard work they already do for the societies and meant some societies who were unsure about the event would not get involved. So, this year we decided to organise the event as a “committee of committees” from the Arts and Culture societies. This not only allowed us to exploit the wealth of events experience within societies, but also encourage involvement from societies who may have previously felt very detached from the event.

The day itself was a great success with many pedestrians stopping to listen and watch the performances throughout the day. Even though the Concert Band set was cut a little short by the inclement weather, this did not deter the spectators and so every act performed to a large crowd. This year we also had Strathclyde Fusion along playing DJ sets in between each of the performances, which kept the event moving very well.

As a final note, there are many people to thank for making this event happen. First and foremost, to all the Union Level 7 Staff and especially Lisa who are always so helpful and supportive for societies and were especially so for this event. Eva and John in the Union also did all the event promotional materials and social media posts, for which we are very grateful. On the day it was great to have Douglas from Sartorial Pictures taking photos and Tariq from Strath TV recording the entire event. Finally, we must thank all the performers who took part in the event voluntarily on a rainy Saturday. These are the people who keep Arts alive at Strathclyde and maintain the high standard of performance every year.

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