Kayla-Megan Burns will be acting as your VP Community for 2019/20. Her role is to be the liaison you need between the union, the Uni, and us students, with an aim to establish a thriving student community that all students can all be a part of. She'll make sure that everyone can enjoy all areas of student life, whether that’s through clubs and societies, engagement with people, your course, or just having some fun on campus!

Here's what Kayla has planned for this academic year.

What brought you to Strathclyde?

What really set Strathclyde apart from other universities for me was the concept of personal development advisers and academic families within my course. I had always intended to study Biomedical Science, and so the accreditation of my course was also very important. I realised the structure of my course here at Strathclyde would also allow me to get this accreditation in a way in which I was comfortable studying.

What influenced you to put yourself forward for the role?

As soon as I was accepted to Strathclyde I began looking into clubs and societies and just wanted to get myself as involved as possible in the union, and so far I have enjoyed every minute of it. I thought the work done by the student executive teams previously was fantastic, so when election time came around I only needed slight encouragement to apply. I thought it could be an amazing opportunity to do some very cool things for our student population.

What are you looking forward to most as a student executive?

During my campaign I was really excited when I discovered other students were also enthusiastic about my manifesto points. Now that I have been elected I can’t wait to put all of my effort into carrying out these goals to the best of my abilities, while working with the new student exec team and the wider student population.

What were you involved in at the union before taking office?

I was previously a class rep for my course and the president of the Bands at Strathclyde Society.

If there is one thing you would recommend to a student coming into the Union for the first time, what would it be?

Sign up to anything and everything at the Freshers fair! You might only show up to some things once or twice, but it will allow you to meet some amazing people and make life long memories. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time hearing about some of the clubs on offer, or if you’ve been involved in that kind of thing for years, societies are always welcoming and are a fantastic way to find your herd.

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