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An insight into the committee roles and members of the Strathclyde Climate Emergency Action Group.

Climate Emergency Action Group

The GreenArdors are an action group dedicated to fighting the causes and effects of climate change and environmental destruction at the University of Strathclyde.

Badges explained

Committee Members

The Strathclyde Climate Emergency Action Group has no designated chair or leader - we encourage a fair and democratic approach to key decision-making. We believe in structural change, not climate change and that this begins with ourselves as a group.

For our group to stay operational and keep up with administrative tasks, as well as recognise the efforts of our members, we do have several non-executive roles (not exhaustive) that make up our ‘Revolutionary Committee’ and ‘Decentralised Admin’ committees.

Revolutionary Climate Committee

This committee is made up of members who actively engage with our weekly meetings and/or campaign-specific events. Any person who is a member of the SCEAG that feels that they meet the above criteria may become a part of the ‘Revolutionary Committee.' 

There are 6 co-ordinator roles within the revolutionary climate committee which can be filled by more than one person at any time:

  • Democracy Co-ordinator
  • Campaigns Co-ordinator
  • Media Co-ordinator
  • Projects Co-ordinator
  • Socials & Recruitment Co-ordinator
  • Welfare & Inclusion Co-ordinator

These focused roles offer those in our group the opportunity to:

  • Directly shape how the group is run
  • Have your say over Strathclyde's commitment to the climate crisis
  • Meet like-minded individuals
  • Develop leadership and countless other personal skills
  • Have a great addition to your CV

You can expect to contribute 1-2 hours a week as part of the ‘Revolutionary Committee’, though this may be more or less.

Decentralised Administrators

Some or all co-ordinators are also responsible for the organisational aspects of the Greenardors, including manning emails, and social media accounts, preparing meeting slides and direct liaising with the Strath Union, the University and external organisations.

The ‘Decentralised Administrator’ is an ideal role for members who wish to be more involved with SCEAG, and/or are seeking to develop skills in organisation, social media outreach and communication as well as exposure to influential organisations and people within the University, the Strath Union and beyond.

Both of our committees are essential to the success of the SCEAG and our campaigning. Without our Revolutionary Committee, we do not have the student representation we need to create and drive forward our campaigns. Likewise, without our ‘Decentralised Administrators’, we would lack the structure and resource awareness required to launch effective campaigns.