An Action Group dedicated to fighting the causes and effects of climate change and environmental destruction.

The Climate Emergency Action Group is a group of students who are campaigning to save the world.

Strathclyde University has set its Net Zero Carbon Emissions target to 2040, far too late to have a meaningful impact.

We are dedicated to pushing for a much faster dearbonisation program.

As a means of increasing engagement and awareness we are involved in everything from sharing sustainability tips, to campaigning to governments to make systemic changes.

Students at Strathclyde through the Union have run many successful environmental campaigns, from Divest Strathclyde to our Food-sharing initiative, and now - more than ever - we need to keep up the fight!

If you want to get involved in organising campaigns, spreading information, and changing the world through the student movement, come along to our meetings!

Upcoming Events:

Friday 28th Debrief and Discussion
Strath union Elder Room
Open Discussion, Everyone welcome and encouraged. Discussing Communications with the University and developments within Centre for Sustainable developments. Discussion on subsequent action.