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16 Open Letters

Throughout the 16 Days we will be releasing an open letter every day. These letters detail experiences from our students, student exec, University staff members and other indidivuals who have all come forward with their stories in an effort to speak up against gender based violence and discrimination.

With this, we are jointly presenting the University with the following demands:

    1. Adopt COMPASSIONATE as one of our core values.

   2. Commit to closing the gender pay-gap definitively by 2025.

   3. Name the new Learning and Teaching building after someone who is not male.

   4. Provide staff at all levels with comprehensive and standardised annual training in LGBT+, gender, disability and BAME comprehension, as well as bystander training.

   5. Fully implement the Equally Safe in Higher Education Toolkit recommendations by 2021

Read all the letters below. 

If you are comfortable, share your stories by emailing Rachel at

We want you to know that you're not alone, we're listening and we are fighting to end this.