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Light Up The Parks

Women have the right to feel safe in public spaces.  

There have been several news reports highlighting the need for adequate lighting in Glasgow's public parks. Although lights were put in during COP26, but have been removed. More about this topic can be found at the links below.

We believe that providing lighting in public parks, particularly those in densely populated areas such as near Kelvingrove Park and Queens Park, will demonstrate a commitment to public safety. Other organisations have also been lobbying for this change, including Clyde News' #LightTheWay campaign

In order to make this change, we need you to contact your elected representatives.   

You can use our TEMPLATE LETTER as a basis for your own letter - all you have to do is copy, paste and adjust as much or little as you like. This explains a bit further about the importance of adequate lighting in public parks, as well as addressing some of the arguments against providing lit paths.  

If you would like to write to your councillors and other elected representatives, you can do it through writetothem.

It's really easy to do, but here are some tips:

  1. Don’t be nervous! We know it can feel intimidating writing to your MPs, but they are there to listen to you and you have a right to contact them about issues affecting you.
  2. Double check who you want to write to. You can contact your local counsellors, MPs and MSPs through writetothem. As this issue is local to Glasgow, the best people to contact in the first instance are your local councillors. If you have further issues to raise around women's safety and gender-based violence, you can also contact MSPs and MPs, you can discuss this at a national level. You can find out more information about who the right person to contact is HERE
  3. Write about your experiences. Elected representatives will get loads of messages every day and they will be sifted through to see if there are duplicates. If you write about your own personal experience, this will be unique, so less likely to be overlooked, and more impactful.  
  4. Use our template for inspiration! Although it's best to put your own spin on your letter, here is a template which explains the main points of our lighitng campaign. Please feel free to adapt however you feel is appropriate. 

Gender-based violence is an issue that affects people both during their studies and outside of it. Elected  representatives have the ability to make lasting change and ensure safer communities – you just need to make your voice heard. 

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