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Students Against Circuit


It's Time - Stop Rinsing Students

A Campaign by the: VP Welfare


  • What is this campaign?

Your VP Welfare, Benn Rapson, is working alongside the Strath Union: "Student Housing Action Group", to continue the campaign for fit for purpose laundry facilities, free at the point of use. 

  • What is the latest update?

We are currently rebooting the campaign, following a pause in campaigning, as we seek to build on the work of previous years. We still firmly believe that the cost of laundry should be included in the rent that students already pay for their accommodation. 

  • What happens next?

In the New Year we will be relaunching our efforts to tackle the cost of laundry at Strathclyde. We are hoping to redo our survey from 2018 which found that: 77% would describe Circuit Laundry as 'expensive', 86% of students surveyed have had to re-wash or re-dry their clothes after using Circuit Laundry, and were students rated Circuit Laundry 3.8 out of 10. We want to see if this has changed.

  • How do I get involved?

If you are super keen you can also join the Strath Union: "Student Housing Action Group" or contact your VP Welfare at:



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