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Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week

S.H.A.G Week is running from January 14th to January 21st to remove the taboos around sex, sexual health, sexuality and everything that comes with it.

Content warning: sex, gender, sexuality. If at any point you need to quickly leave this page, you can hit escape to return to homepage.

S.H.A.G week is a dedicated week of campaigning to highlight resources and support available for students’ sexual health.

Sexual Health is a key campaign for us during the 22/23 academic year and we've launched this week, running from National STI Awareness Day, to promote conversations around safer sex practices, and encourage students to get tested."

- Student Exec Team 2022/23

Latest Events

SHAG Week Stall
17th January 11am - 2pm
Find out more about Strath Union's Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week
Voice | Campaigns
Boob Team - Sexual Health Awareness Week
18th January 10am - 1pm
Join GU Boob Team in aid of CoppaFeel! at their stall to talk about all things boobs!
Voice | Campaigns
HIV Scotland Stall
19th January 10am - 3pm
Come down to Roasters on Thursday and Friday to have a chat with Fay from HIV Scotland - who are here to raise awareness of HIV and promote their survey where you can win £250!
Voice | Campaigns
HIV Scotland Stall
20th January 10am - 1pm
Come down to Roasters on Thursday and Friday to have a chat with Fay from HIV Scotland - who are here to raise awareness of HIV and promote their survey where you can win £250!
Voice | Campaigns

Latest News

S.H.A.G. Week - A Note From Your VP Welfare

Hello, and welcome to Strath Union’s S.H.A.G. Week!


Sign the Petition

As part of S.H.A.G Week 2023, we were hoping to provide STI Testing on campus. We couldn't make that happen because sexual health services in Glasgow are under-supported and underfunded, and it's us students that are some of the most left at risk. If you think that this needs to change, get involved by signing our petition.

Sign here

Key Findings

Prior to this campaign, the Sexual Health Working Group was created to implement and explore recommendations from the Strath Union Student Sexual Health Survey in 2020. 

Read full report

These are some of the key findings from the report:

  • 90% of students choose to have sex.
  • 66% believe that their sex and relationship education has not prepared them for healthy relationships –with only 50% believing that this education had given them a comprehensive understanding of sex.
  • Only 19% of LGBT students reported receiving sex education relevant to their identity.
  • 30% of international and EU students had not received any sex and relationship education, compared to 6% of home students.
  • 60% of students had never been tested for an STI or STD.
  • 55% of single sexually active students had never been tested for an STI/STD.
  • 37% were concerned about the risk of STIs/STDs, and 20% about a partner respecting their contraception choices.
  • 2% of students had experienced an unintended pregnancy.


Brook is a charity supporting, educating and empowering young people to make informed decisions about their sexual health and wellbeing.

View resources

Fettle is a not-for-profit, affordable sexual health service delivered by SH:24. They work alongside NHS clinics to deliver STI testing, treatment, contraception and specialist clinical support, free at the point of care.

More info

LGBT Health and Wellbeing - Helpline for issues, including sex and sexual health, affecting anyone under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella in Scotland, with additional specific resources for groups including asylum seekers and refugees. 

Find out more

LGBT Youth Scotland "Good Sex Is..."  - An inclusive and positive guide to sex and relationships for women who have sex with women, men who have sex with men, and trans people and their partners.

View guide

Sandyford -  the specialist sexual health clinic for Greater Glasgow and Clyde providing information, testing, prevention, treatment, and more.

Learn more

Young Scot - Resource Hub for Sexual Health geared towards Young People.

Read more

SX Scotland - Sex health information and wellbeing for gay and bisexual men.

Find out more

Self Testing 

HIV Self-Test Scotland - Free self-tests for HIV delivered to home.

Order here

Terrance Higgins Trust Self Test - Low-Cost or Free kits delivered to home.

Order here

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