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AmnahWhen Amnah Alshahrani isn’t working on her PhD in Computer and Information Science, she’s busy running the Saudi Students Society and being a mother.

For Amnah, she’s the first point of contact with a number of international students at Strathclyde. Running the Saudi Students Society, she’s involved in organising events and ensuring that all members of the society are having the best Strathclyde experience.

As an academic, a mother, a Strathclyde volunteer and a wife (her husband is also a Strathclyde student), she can certainly manage a lot of things at one time. Though keep this busy lifestyle, is what she finds most rewarding, saying: “Helpful and good feedback after any events I’ve organized or helped be a part of is really satisfying. It’s great experience in management and leadership, which will help me in my career and in my life in general. It’s this where I would like to leave a positive impact in Strathclyde as a Saudi student.”

Amnah really is a great leader, and really has the perseverance and passion to reach her goal in life. For what it means to win this award, Amnah said: “It means a lot for me as a woman , a student, a wife, and a mother, to be recognised for this award. That's mean I can lead a team and let the Saudi society at Stratchclyde be one of the most active societies at the Union, and with other Saudi clubs in Scotland.”


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