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Elspeth's Story

ElspethElspeth Drysdale has worked for the University of Strathclyde Law Clinic for over five years as an experienced student advisor.

Receiving a First Class Honours for her dissertation, she went to work for the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation; Thompsons Solicitors; and Solicitor Advocates - where she has secured a traineeship within their Employment Team following completion of her diploma.

What excites Elspeth the most about the legal industry is making a difference within society, adding: “Whether it’s to one person's life, or if I manage to help make changes to the Law itself, it's an incredible privilege to be able to affect change in that way.

“It’s an exciting time for the legal industry where we are seeing an increase in women in the profession so it's great to be part of that shift in the demographic.”

As a survivor of domestic abuse, Elspeth is especially driven to create a better society for women; particularly in her specialist field of legal work in employment law, saying:  “Many laws are constructed in such a way that they prefer the interests of men or prioritise the rights of men over women.

“It is very frustrating as a woman, and a feminist, to be part of a profession that often gets it so wrong when it comes to issues of women's rights.

“It will be a challenge to enter into an industry with these backwards views but I hope that the influx of women in the industry might give us an opportunity to change some of these things.”

Being recognised by Strathclyde Women in Leadership Network, Elspeth said: “I am touched that someone would think of me as a woman deserving of celebration. It means that people value the help I have given them and the work I did throughout my degree and at the Law Clinic. For that, I am truly grateful.”

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