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Martine's Story

MartineMartine Park reflects the average Strathclyde student. But she’s far more than that. There might be the odd uni day where you skip a lecture (who hasn’t), but you can guarantee that Martine will be there. She’s just someone working on getting the best results on her course and making the most of her Strathclyde experience.

Martine is working on her dissertation in Marketing and Psychology, an industry that she’s very excited about getting involved in when graduating, “What excites me the most are the people and infinite amount of learning involved. The world is forever changing, and it is up to both of these industries to adapt to this changing world, to learn about it and make it better.”

When Martine isn’t juggling deadlines, lectures and studying, she takes the time to help others, whether it’s her uni friends or volunteering as a tutor for children with their homework in underprivileged areas of Glasgow. “I find helping people to be rewarding. Everyone is struggling with something and even doing the most minor of things can help,” says Martine.

“Even if it’s minor and just being a shoulder to cry on or comforting and reaching out to someone can go a long way to making things better – even if it’s just a little bit, I think it’s a great start.”

Being recognised by Strathclyde Women in Leadership Network, Martine said: “It means everything to me! I have faced anxiety and depression, I’ve had days where I didn’t want to get out of bed or do anything.

“To be nominated is amazing because I want to help people like me who might be struggling; I want to show that it’s okay to feel the way that you do. It won’t stop you from being successful or the best you that you can be and we can get through this together.”

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