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NainaNaina Bhardwaj is an English, Journalism and Creative Writing student at the University of Strathclyde. She's an aspiring journalist who is well on her way to her dream career, following placements at massive establishments across the industry. Working in placements with the BBC, Channel Four, the Guardian and Sky News whilst at university, she has shown that she has  determination and drive that most people can only dream of having.

Growing up, Naina has come through some tough times and has discovered that writing has given herself agency to express what she thinks. She realised she had something to offer the world - using her own experiences, Naina realised that she had access to perspectives which others hadn't. Naina is also talented in the multimedia world; she has produced and edited radio shows, shadowed presenters and done some presenting herself. She has interviewed people at conferences, presented the news live and become president of the journalism club at her university. She's taken photographs in a variety of events and environments and spent time filming and editing everything from a motorsport documentary to a wedding video. 

"What excites me most about journalism the most is the fact that the media landscape is constantly evolving." "The biggest challenge I face as a woman in journalism is mansplaining which is something I have experienced in this industry multiple times. However it's all worth it when your article is published and you know that it has given those on the edges a society a voice they may not have had before."

"Being recognised for this award is a great feeling. It's brilliant to be able to celebrate women and their achievements, not only globally, but also in a local context."

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