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RosieRosie Moore is a final year student on the BA (Hons) in Social Work.

During her time at Strathclyde, she has taken on an astonishing range of paid and voluntary roles, where she has been deeply involved in reshaping the care system in Scotland.

To date, Rosie has worked for the Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland, based at the University; Care Review, who aim to identify and deliver lasting change in the care system in Scotland; the Institute for Inspiring Children’s Futures; and for the Life Changes Trust.

But Rosie’s work doesn’t stop there. She’s also volunteered in an orphanage in Romania and built houses for deprived communities in Tanzania.

When asked what interests her about social work, Rosie said: “The field of Social Work is a very exciting area to be working within in 2019! My particular area of interest is ‘looked after children and young people’, which is currently undergoing a national review.

“They provide a voice for all looked after children across Scotland, to influence transformational and positive change within the care system. I am excited to see what we can learn and what positive changes happen, driven by those who have personal experience of it.”

Rosie’s work has certainly given her an inspirational track record; making her a perfect role model for young people in the care system and a fearless advocate on their behalf with an array of university and third sector organisations.

For what it means to be recognised by Strathclyde Women in Leadership Network, Rosie said: “To be recognised for the work that I - and the hundreds of other wonderful social workers and young people across Scotland are undertaking - is a fantastic feeling.

“Social workers and children in care are often portrayed in a negative light, and the many wonderful things that they both achieve every day, unfortunately go largely unnoticed. It is amazing to be able to shine a light on a population who, until now, have been largely hidden amongst the general public.”

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