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Science Faculty Award - Zoë Davidson

Zoë Davidson has been chosen for the science faculty award as she is a champion of diversity and inclusion within her department. Whilst completing her PhD in Physics, Zoë started the Women in Physics Association and organises seminars on diversity, resilience and wellbeing. She has also co-ordinated fantastic outreach events for girls that are interested in pursuing a career in science.

Further to this, Zoë is a founding member of the Equality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity group in the physics department. Through this, on top of the outreach programmes already mentioned, Zoë conducts discussions on working culture and mental health as well as organising campaigns such as Meet a WiSPA initiative. She has documented her thoughts on equality and diversity in the sciences through publishing in the GIST magazine.

Zoë’s dedication to equality is so important, we are so happy to be acknowledging all of her hard work for diversity in such a male dominated field. Those who nominated her claimed ‘she is one of the most inspiring people I have met.’

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