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Emily Glanvill, 1st Year Sports Engineering


What Made You Choose Your Course?

I’ve always had a great passion for design and engineering. I enjoy coming up with creative solutions to the problems I face in everyday life. I chose Sports Engineering because I live a very active lifestyle – originally I enjoyed swimming and more recently motorsport. Both the engineering and motorsport industry are statistically very male dominated, however I have never seen this as a hindrance, rather a challenge, which I will work hard to overcome! I enjoy taking a slightly unorthodox route in life and look forward to seeing where my Sports Engineering degree could take me in the future with the rapid expansion of the fitness and wellbeing industries.

What Are You Involved In Outside Your Studies?

I have competed in various forms of motorsport since the age of 13. In 2018 I will be racing in 2 championships – the Scottish Mini Cooper Cup and the British Universities Karting Championship with the Strathclyde team. I am an annual volunteer with ‘Dare to be Different’, a ground-breaking intuitive designed to encourage more females to take up careers in the motorsport industry – whether it be as a driver, engineer, mechanic, medic or media personnel. Being part of such a demanding and competitive sport has taught me a lot and really helped to shape me. I run my own website, social media platforms, create my own brand marketing materials and network with businesses to source sponsorship.  The skills I have learnt from these experiences have undoubtedly proved useful in all other aspects of my day to day life.

What Do You Hope To Do When Graduating?

My ambition is to design motorsport related products such as race suits, helmets and other safety apparel. Creating an innovative product which saves lives without affecting the thrill of motorsport for both the driver and the fans is my ultimate goal. I would love to design for in Formula 1, the pinnacle of world motorsport!

What’s Been Your Greatest Achievement To Date?

In 2016, I won the Teenage Cancer Trust Junior Saloon Car Championship Scholarship for a fully funded season in the JSCC. I graduated into circuit racing as an ambassador of the tremendous charity and raced all over the UK. The prize, worth in excess of £40K, allowed me to meet so many wonderful people and gain a wealth of experience. Throughout the year, I visit nine of the UK’s most famous racing circuits and went wheel-to-wheel with other drivers at speeds in excess of 100mph. The season required a huge amount of dedication and commitment – it was imperative that my fitness and mental attitude were kept at their peak in order to perform well throughout the season.

How Did You Achieve This?

The Scholarship shoot-out event was compromised of a media assessment, fitness test, reaction tests and of course, an assessment of driving ability. On the run up to the event, I trained hard to ensure I was as prepared as possible for the day. My training involved rehearsing media interviews, studying the track/car and physical training in the gym. Preparing for the event was no small matter and it certainly wasn’t easy. On the day, I was able to draw on my experiences from several years of experience in motorsport. It was only as a result of numerous setbacks and obstacles that I had learnt to overcome that I eventually found this great success. I was delighted to be awarded the scholarship and become the first ever winner of this prestigious award. I believe the year was so successful because I threw myself into every opportunity I was faced with. The experience I gained has proved invaluable to my future career – both as an athlete but also as an engineer.

Have You Thought Of Running In The Student Elections?

Before taking part in the #ThisStrathGirlCan campaign, the student elections weren’t something I had heard much about. However, now that I have received more information about it, it definitely sounds like something I would be interested in taking part in in the future.

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