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Iqra Farooq, 4th Year Journalism and Politics


What Made You Choose Your Course?

From an early age, I took an interest in current affairs and writing about the world around me; so this course seemed like a good fit. I enjoy being able to combine both my interests into one degree as they complement each other well.

What Are You Involved In Outside Your Studies?

Outside my studies, I was elected as part of the Strathclyde Telegraph editorial team and handle all the online content. Studying journalism is great for learning about the technicalities of the profession but there’s nothing quite like practical experience and being able to transfer knowledge from class into a functioning environment, even if it’s on a smaller scale.

What Do You Hope To Do When Graduating?

After graduating, I hope to be involved with the media in some capacity - directly or otherwise. Although my main interest lies in journalism, I’m open to other opportunities and careers related to communications or politics because I think it’s important to challenge myself.

I’m lucky to have worked in journalism on a national newspaper and in a broadcast environment so I’ve been able to learn a lot about the profession in a relatively short space of time. Learning from senor editors has motivated me to improve but also aspire to reach their level of expertise.

What’s Been Your Greatest Achievement To Date?

My greatest achievement to date has been working as a journalist for the BBC. I was initially on a trainee scheme and didn’t expect to receive so much responsibility but it’s great to feel part of the team. At first, I was overwhelmed by the idea of attending a press conference on my own or going out on location but it’s been an incredible learning experience. I’m proud to have sourced my own stories and have them approved by senior editors but above all, it’s very rewarding to hear your reports play out on national radio or appear on the main website.

How Did You Achieve This?

My training period over summer with the BBC was the best opportunity to learn because it allowed for mistakes to be made. Admittedly, I am very lucky to have been selected for the scheme as it was key to being involved with the BBC now. I still have much more to learn but being put in an encouraging environment has been excellent. I definitely couldn’t feel more confident or prepared as a journalist if it weren’t for the editors and producers around me who pushed me to improve. They’ve put great faith in me and I’m thankful for that. They’ve taught me the job is never completely done and there’s always more to learn. But most of all, they’ve taught me that being innovative is crucial. 

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