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Sara Cowan,  4th Year Business Analysis and Technology and Economics


What Are You Involved In Outside Your Studies?

I was a dedicated member of the rugby team for 2nd and 3rd year and hope to re-join next semester. I’m also a member of the Muay Thai society, and I hope to participate in a few interclub fights next semester.

I am also the president and founder of Strath Foodsharing, a society to reduce food waste in Glasgow. So far, we’ve achieved to redistribute 300kgs of food - that would be wasted - to students for free, through a community fridge which was set up at the end of September.

I am usually involved in creative opportunities I see around Glasgow such as screen printing workshops and ceramic painting.

Tell Us More About Strath Foodsharing

I was inspired by a similar project I saw while on exchange. I decided I would do it and began preparation in the summer. I reached out and researched all the relevant contacts that could help me and I received a lot of support, especially from the Union and HUBBUB community fridges. I also got a lot of help from my flatmate – Maja - who is the secretary. After setting up the fridge, I invested a lot of time and effort to spread awareness and get partners to receive the food from.

It took a lot of effort and determination but I had a lot of support and amazing volunteers and friends who worked together to make it happen.

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