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Shivani's Story

Shivani Tandon, PhD Finance - 3rd Year

What Made You Choose Your Course?

I have always been interested in teaching and over the period of my Masters at Strathclyde I realised how much I enjoyed teaching, while helping my friends with their studies. PhD was the best possible way to move into academia and teaching fulltime.

What Are You Involved In Outside Your Studies?

I’m a mum, wife, an academic tutor with Strathclyde Business School, founder and president of the Strathclyde Indian Students’ Association (SISA), a part of the Clubs Exec at Strath Union, treasurer with the Postgraduate Society (PGS); balancing all of it in the best possible way and trying to do justice to all these roles.

What Do You Hope To Do When Graduating?

I will move to academia full time as I’m already teaching part time at the Strathclyde Business School.

What’s Been Your Greatest Achievement To Date?

One of my greatest achievements to date is winning the “Best Student Tutor” award at the Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Awards 2017, getting nominated for “Newcomer of the year”, having SISA nominated in three categories and winning “The Best New Society Award” for SISA in the same year at the Strathclyde Volunteer Awards 2017. I come from a small city in India and having made it so far gives me tremendous sense of achievement.

How Did You Achieve This?

My love for teaching and willingness to go the extra mile to help students has helped me with their love, appreciation and this award. The thought that I can contribute to the learning of so many students and keep learning in the process keeps me going.

Have You Thought Of Running In The Student Elections?

May be, currently busy with my studies and teaching but will be more than happy to be of service to the student body.

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